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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and to let you know about my background.

I was fortunate to move to Iowa City in 1969 and enroll in the University of Iowa. I was barely nineteen years old. As many residents in this area know, Iowa City is a special place, a place that grows on people, a place for learning, and a place for creativity, a vibrant place for the young and the old. So, fifty years later, I am still here.

I feel my experiences helping people during their most beautiful moments and their most painful times, as well as my business and investment background, give me an ability to help those who are looking to grow and those who are looking to downsize. Life changes for all of us, and we are all faced with having to or wanting to change.

I finished high school in my native country, Croatia, and moved here after my mother married an opera singer in Germany. My mother, also an opera singer and her husband Charles, decided to move to the US a few years before I followed.

Money was scarce at that time in my life, so I worked as a waitress to pay for my school. Taking a few classes and working full time was a slow and arduous process. Then, after several years an opportunity arose where I was able to become a restaurant manager, and I took it. By this time, I was married and had a baby girl on the way. A few years later, another baby girl came along.

I stayed in the restaurant business for twenty years, when I finally realized that I was never going to finish school if I continued working.

Although I was the oldest student in my classes, I finally got my degree in Biology, but by this time, I realized that business was my strength.

With the proceeds of my restaurant business, I purchased Every Bloomin' Thing, a flower design studio, and embarked on a new career as a designer/owner. That was in 1993.

Working with the women and men at my store was a fantastic experience. It was a creative, learning, and collaborative environment.

Serving people in times of happiness and in times of heart-wrenching grief had a profound effect on how I relate to people and their joys and heartbreaks. It has made me want to know more about what matters to them. My designs provided a conversation starter, beautified their homes, brought joy to the celebrations and gatherings, and served as the last gift to loved ones at their celebrations of life.

During the time that I owned Every Blooin' Thing, I acquired several rental properties. In fact, enough so that at the end of twenty-five years of being an owner/designer, I reached a fork in the road and had to decide if I would continue working at my store or devote more time to learn about real estate. My business was thriving and needed to expand, but it also needed new energy, new ideas, fresh approach. It needed rethinking. I felt that I no longer had the desire to do that. Now, my business is in the hands of a new, younger owner, and I am concentrating on real estate.

I hope you will call on me when those times arise in your life.

It would be an honor to help you when you need it. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me and let us be friends. I am looking forward to meeting you.

What Sanja's Clients
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"Sanja has a warm heart for the seller. She posted my house, and it was sold during the first round of showing. Sanja responds fast, put tons of efforts to optimize the selling. I had a great experience working with her. I strongly recommend her as listing agent."

Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Iowa City, IA.

"Sanja has tremendous drive and devotion to her clients! I highly recommend her for her integrity and business acumen!"

Paula Ellsworth

"Besides being clever and ability to make good judgements, Sanja is genuinely a sweet, caring person."

Karen Mulvey Young

Sanja has a heart of gold and will do an amazing job helping you find exactly what you’re looking for! I have no doubt! Love her!

Vicki Wear

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